Captain Benjamin T. TREFETHEN0267
(before 1774 - after 1811)
Married to Frances ‘Fannie’ Maria? AMAZEEN

PARENTS: Captain Abraham TREFETHEN0597 and Temperance UNDERWOOD
  • 36. TREFREN, Leitha S.1321- Correspondence, 135 Clover Lane; Medford, Oregon 97501. Leitha passed away during February, 2001
  • 64. TREFETHEN, Joanne E.0334 - Correspondence, Stockton Springs, Maine. Deceased 26 July 2004
  • 86. Portsmouth, New Hampshire Deeds, Volume 162; page 339
  • 129. BAILEY, Glenn R.- His references are marked as follows:
  • 147. The “TREFETHEN Roundtable“., a group of learned correspondents who have been dilegently hashing over tons of material to piece together these puzzles. Corresponding via e-mail, their debates, questions and solutions are being recorded as a unique new reference. To find out more, e-mail Andrew by clicking here. Sadly, the Trefethen Roundtable is no more. If you are interested in participating, let Andrew know at
  • Massachusetts Death Records
  • Dover, New Hampshire Newspaper Extracts

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