Elizabeth TREFETHEN0212
(born very roughly around 1710)
Married to John CARD, Jr.

PARENTS: Foster TREFETHEN0025 (1672 - 1754) and Martha PAINE
  • 11. TREFETHEN, Jessie B.- Correspondence, Peaks Island, Portland, Maine. Author of “Trefethen: the family and the landing
  • 35. LANGLEY, Eileen E.
  • 38. TREFETHEN, Donald Perry- Correspondence
  • 39. Alice STINSON0638 (Mrs. Lyall)- Correspondence, 11530 La Maida St., North Hollywood, California 91601
  • 129. BAILEY, Glenn R.- His references are marked as follows:
  • 147. The “TREFETHEN Roundtable“., a group of learned correspondents who have been dilegently hashing over tons of material to piece together these puzzles. Corresponding via e-mail, their debates, questions and solutions are being recorded as a unique new reference. To find out more, e-mail Andrew by clicking here. Sadly, the Trefethen Roundtable is no more. If you are interested in participating, let Andrew know at andrewtrefethen@gmail.com

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