Trefren, Trefethren, Treveathen, Trevethan, Trevethen, Trevethin and Trefethen


  1. THE NAME: from Trevethan in Gwennap, England (Cornwall?); 'the Meadow-town'
  2. May also signify a town among trees, or 'the old town.'
  3. Pryce translates it as the 'birds town.'
  4. TREVEATHAN would mean 'the rich & fruitful town.'
  5. There's an area of Pontypool known as Trevethin, with an ancient parish church dedicated to St. Cadoc. A short history of it is in a book titled TREVETHIN PONTYPOOL: Rees, V.W.T; 1934. (from the GWENT COUNTY COUNCIL; Miss M.L. Gibbons [letter to Parker S. Trefethen])
  6. TREVETHAN (from SURNAMES IN CORNWALL; Blewett, R.R.; 1953: excerpts from 'West Britton' newspaper) Places/Names: TREVETHAN... in Eval Parish 1474, 1510, 1549. In Budock Parish; Trefudon, 1306; Trefuthon, 1325, Trefuthen, 1327 & 1517. Tremuthon 1342, Trevethan 1470. Trevethan in Gwennap Parish, Trefudon 1302, Trefuthan 1326, Trefuthyon 1516, Trefuthan 1558.
  7. TREFREN: Source 36 has found James TREFREN's son's War of 1812 Pension File proving the Trefren/TREFETHEN link. In it, Jonah's1203 wife states that although she & her children spell their name Trefren, her husband usually spelt it TREFETHEN. He's apparently the ancestor of all Trefrens in the U.S.
  8. TREFETHREN: There are several instances where James TREFREN's1185 name was spelt 'TREFETHREN' (especially before 1805), which is a clear indication that his descendants belong in this listing.

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